Studio -

We create brands that make cats purr, scratch, meow, and occasionally bat a ball of yarn.


Environmental Responsibility

Although the outdoors is mostly scary and icky, sometimes it's nice to stare at birds and chase small critters. We strongly believe in preserving the environment and make sure that all of our cat design is done with this in mind.



We employ our cat-like reflexes and nine lives towards executing a multitude of services at a high level. Here is a list of what we do:

Cat Brand Identity

Cat Brand Strategy

Professional Napping

Hairball Production

Cat Web Design

Cat Web Development

Tree Climbing (up only)

Catnip Taste Testing



Studio - Portrait

Mittens Roche (left)
Mittens specializes in creative direction, art direction, frontend development, and copywriting. At least 7% of his daily routine consists of knocking things off tables to make sure gravity still works.

Fluffy Black (Right)
Fluffy is a proficient typographer, print production specialist, and all-around visual wizard. He is very tall, equally sarcastic, and spends far too much time asking to be let out and immediately asking to be let back in.